PFINDER Industry

Corrosion protection for industry and trade

Regularly applied, long-proven technologies for surface protection ensure a 20 to 30 percent longer service life for surfaces, cavities and underbodies. For around 30 years, PFINDER has been supplying the automotive industry with products that meet the quality demands of premium car manufacturers and suppliers alike. For example, industrial waxes in OEM quality that are based on our proven formulations.

Like all PFINDER products, the offerings for the industrial sector have been developed with the environment and economy in mind. This range is now available for industrial customers, the aftermarket and manufacturers of "heavy equipment". In principle, this can involve any machine or vehicle that is subject to heavy use. Applications include classic surface and stone chip protection, cavity preservation, and temporary protection of cargo in transit, for example, for overseas freight.

We produce our materials for commercial use and supply them in workshop-suitable as well as production-suitable containers - from spray cans and small containers to tankers.

Product families


Finder AP-CORR
Finder AP-CORR

Universal long-term corrosion protection coatings

Permanently flexible, self-healing  waxes with excellent penetration in all substrates and complex geometries. The variety of variants ranges from water-based, solvent-based or solvent-free, to very thin to very thick - depending on the area of application.


Finder AP-COAT
Finder AP-COAT

Universal corrosion protection coatings

Paint-like anti-corrosion coatings with extreme surface adhesion on a wide variety of substrates to provide comprehensive protection against stone chipping and corrosion. No further component or baking oven is required for drying.


Finder AP-SKIN
Finder AP-SKIN

Removable storage and transport protection

Versatile storage and transport protective coatings developed in a wide range of variants depending on the application -from classic anti-corrosion oil, to anti-corrosion agents, to multifunctional protective wax.

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