Durable corrosion protection coatings

Vehicle parts such as axle beams, chassis parts and battery carriers of e-vehicles must be reliably protected against mechanical stresses such as stone chipping and extreme weathering. The AP-COAT products are almost indifferent to the substrate. Whether aluminum, primed surfaces or even galvanized components, the adhesion of AP-COAT protective coatings is outstanding. This extreme surface adhesion provides components with comprehensive protection against stone chipping and corrosion. Unlike many conventional technologies, Pfinder's products do not require any other component or a baking oven to dry the applied protective film.

AP-COAT products are not only very popular with vehicle manufacturers, but are also particularly well suited for protecting industrial pipes.

Appearance is not important in this case. The function does. The AP-COAT corrosion protection coatings from PFINDER are tough and reliably protect against even the highest mechanical stresses, such as stone chipping. The durable corrosion protection is paint-like, transparent or black. It is used whenever exposed surfaces are involved, such as chassis, axle parts, components, or module carriers. PFINDER has the right solution for every metal - whether iron or steel alloys, galvanized surfaces, aluminum or other light metals.

One example underscores how important the right protective coating is. Whenever the KTL is damaged by high mechanical loads such as stone chipping or extreme weathering, water and salts quickly lead to corrosion. AP-COAT loves these special challenges. This is because the air-drying and water-based protective coating with high mechanical resistance and good creep properties is a defensive artist that shrinks from nothing. Regardless of whether it is used indoors or outdoors.

For every material and every application, there is a PFINDER solution that provides lasting protection for vehicles, components, and machines. Another area of application shows that the focus is not only on value retention. For pipelines or pipes on oil platforms, gas pipes or industrial pipes of all kinds, one thing is required above all: safety. Here, too, you can rely on the AP-COAT corrosion protection coatings from PFINDER.

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