Heavy duty storage and transport protection

Unwanted corrosion is a daily companion in many industrial manufacturing processes, as well as in the subsequent transport of finished goods and products. The solution to this problem is temporary corrosion protection. This should of course provide reliable protection against corrosion and be very easy to remove again. In modern production plants, the demands on material consumption, environmental protection and occupational safety are also constantly increasing.

AP-SKIN products are the solution to these challenges. Starting from an incredible layer thickness of only 15 µm, AP-SKIN corrosion protection oils guarantee reliable protection for up to 3 months. If you need longer protection, trust the AP-SKIN corrosion protection waxes. Here, a protection of up to one year is achievable. Whether it's HSS tool steels, complex die cast molds or a new train on an overseas voyage everything wants reliable protection against corrosion.

Rust is merciless. Because rust lurks everywhere. For this reason, the surfaces of molds, components or machines must be protected against corrosion during transport or storage due to a wide variety of stresses and extreme weather conditions. Even during internal transport, danger is imminent. Water, oxygen and time are dangerous accomplices of rust. With AP-SKIN, PFINDER offers a variety of storage and transport protection coatings that are as versatile as their application area. They are available in a wide range of variants - from classic corrosion protection oil, to corrosion protection agent, to multifunctional protection wax. They are applied by spraying, dipping, brushing and rolling.

One example illustrates the need for effective bearing protection. So-called HSS steel is frequently used in the manufacture of high-quality tools. This is highly durable, but also highly corrosive. A case for the corrosion protection professionals from PFINDER. Die casting molds for plastic products are also frequently stored and must therefore be carefully preserved. As soon as they are needed again, the corrosion protection can be removed without leaving any residue.

Corrosion can occur during sea transport due to the high salt content of the water and air. In the case of machinery and equipment, chemical resistance to hydraulic fluids and fuels, for example, is more important. Extreme loads on vehicles and components during use may also require additional preservation. AP-SKIN offers storage and transport protection solutions for all cases.

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