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PFINDER: Your global partner for corrosion protection and NDT

Over 90 automobile factories around the world use PFINDER products. More than 20 million new vehicles are protected against corrosion every year with cavity preservation and underbody protection from PFINDER. This means that every second preserved vehicle worldwide is prepared for a long service life with materials from PFINDER. Who’s responsible for this? Our committed employees.

Spezialprodukte für Metallbau - Pfinder ist Partner der Wahl für die Automobilindustrie
Spezialprodukte für Metallbearbeitung

Non-destructive testing (NDT) as a life saver

In the “NDT” division, PFINDER offers test media for non-destructive material testing: The timely detection of surface defects on safety-relevant components saves lives and avoids high costs.

Innovative products and intelligent engineering services are the basis of a competent development partner – and therefore the foundation of PFINDER.

Innovation pushes us

PFINDER is not only a supplier of products for the automotive industry, but also a development partner. The company set up the “Digital Engineering” department to predict the occurrence of corrosion. For PFINDER it is important that we are “not just selling a kilo of wax”, “but an added value package”.

PFINDER is also expanding into other technologically related business areas: PFINDER is very successful with products for non-destructive material testing. This makes it possible to locate the finest surface defects or cracks using penetrant and magnetic particle testing.

PFINDER is also involved in the transfer of knowledge about “Non-Destructive Testing” methods (NDT) and participates in cross-company events on this topic. The demand for engineering services, which are being expanded into a further mainstay, is also increasing.