Storage and transport protection

Unwanted corrosion is a daily companion in many industrial manufacturing processes, as well as in the subsequent transportation of finished goods and products.


  • Tools and semi-finished products with partly complex geometry have to be stored and transported
  • The bare metal surfaces corrode due to weathering and condensation
  • Storage protected from the weather is cost-intensive
  • Semi-finished products must be metallically bright for further processing
  • Surface damage should be visible


  • Very thin and transparent corrosion protection with mild odor.
  • Depending on the requirements, there are oily, waxy or even non-slip films
  • Components can be protected by dipping, spraying or brushing.
  • Due to very good creep properties, even thin gaps are protected
  • If necessary, easy removal with appropriate cleaners
Damaged and corroded underbody
Damaged and corroded underbody

Outdoor storage of square tubes


  • Low storage and material costs
  • Low effort and costs for application and removal
  • No odor nuisance
Damaged and corroded underbody
Damaged and corroded underbody

Extremely thin protective film possible

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