Reliable corrosion protection with PFINDER KG since 1884.

Global partner for corrosion protection solutions and non-destructive testing

Development and production of individual corrosion protection products

The corrosion protection solutions are used in numerous business areas worldwide and cover all areas of preservation.

Powerful and innovative- our products for NDT

PFINDER offers consumables for magnetic particle and penetrant testing for almost any requirement: compliant with standards, cost-optimized and environmentally oriented.

Planning of your holistic corrosion protection concept through digital simulation

Digital simulation can be used to represent a wide range of application variants without any risk and thus determine the optimum waxing process, leading to the best possible results.

For quality "Made in Germany" we need YOU

Join our team! Enjoy the advantages and consistency of a German family business with exciting projects every day.

We protect your valuable products from corrosion


Professional expertise, many years of experience and proximity to the customer - this is how PFINDER, as the inventor of cavity preservation in corrosion protection and in the field of magnetic particle and penetrant testing, offers its customers real added value.

PFINDER corrosion protection solutions are approved worldwide

The right product for every requirement

The requirements placed on corrosion protection coatings are as varied as the solutions we offer you.

We offer you the highest quality and attach great importance to working out a fully comprehensive corrosion protection concept with you.

PFINDER products in practice

Our comprehensive product portfolio is used in a wide variety of areas. From the usual areas of application in the cavity or on the underbody of the vehicle to the new corrosion protection requirements for battery cells of electric vehicles, you will find examples of the modes of action of our corrosion protection products.

In the explicit application examples, recommendations are given for the use of corresponding PFINDER products.

Your benefits from working with PFINDER

Our research and development finds the solution for your requirements

The development of new products for corrosion protection and non-destructive material testing as well as the improvement of existing applications are in our nature.
8% of PFINDER's employees work in research and development. In this way, we always offer our customers modern products that make production processes more efficient and thus contribute significantly to increasing quality and profit.

Market leader in automotive cavity preservation

Who invented it? - We did! In the years of the economic miracle, German automobile production also picked up speed again. Now it was necessary to protect the valuable automobiles from corrosion from the inside and underneath. After all, what good is the best car if it is infested with rust? Over the past decades, we have protected automobiles from rust with our innovative products. We can do this to perfection. Our products are used in almost every production line in the world. PFINDER is the invisible passenger in almost every car in the world! We have also been involved in the new electric mobility from the very beginning. Here we successfully meet the new requirements, such as fire protection and sealing of high-voltage batteries.

140 years of experience in corrosion protection

Wax is our element, we are not completely alone in the world! Nature also relies on wax-like compounds to protect its structures and offspring, just think of the bee. Wax is permanently elastic over many years and thus heals injuries in the surface independently. Sorry bee - we have driven your idea to perfection.

Current topics

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