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PFINDER 73 ProLight: UV technology for NDT redefined
PFINDER 73 ProLight: UV technology for NDT redefined

PFINDER 73 ProLight: UV technology for NDT redefined

PFINDER has been offering a mobile UV LED hand-held lamp for many years, which has been very popular on the market, also internationally. Now it was time for something new: In cooperation with a leading company for UV LED technology in the local neighborhood of PFINDER’s headquarters in Böblingen, the PFINDER 73 ProLight handheld UV LED lamp has been developed now.

Completely new and so far unique in NDT applications is the large area radiation of the test surface achieved by 16 UV LEDs with an outstanding homogeneity. This supports the peripheral vision during inspections, which improves the reliability of the evaluation.

Thanks to its compact, lightweight design, the PFINDER 73 ProLight can be perfectly used in both mobile and stationary operation. Through the charger, the powerful battery reaches its full capacity within a very short time for continuous running of up to 2.5 hours.

All common standards and specifications are met, corresponding certificates can be issued (e.g. RRES 90061, ASTM E3022).

Electronic control keeps the intensity of PFINDER 73 ProLight always at a constant level, regardless of the battery’s power level.

PFINDER’s GREEN NDT product philosophy also offers important advantages in the area of NDT equipment: By using a standard battery (CAS system), replacement or additional batteries of various capacities are available worldwide. There is no need to send in the unit or buy expensive special batteries.

PFINDER 73 ProLight can be ordered now – delivery will start in March 2023.