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Neighbourhood information

Neighbourhood information pursuant to Article 11 of the Hazardous Incident Ordinance (12th Ordinance implementing the Federal Immissions Control Act [BImSchV]) for the population in Böblingen South

Dear Neighbours, Dear Sir or Madam

Your safety as residents living in the vicinity of our company premises and the safety of our own employees is a very high priority in our family business, which has been based in Böblingen for over 60 years. No accident in the sense of a reportable incident has ever occurred in our plant for the production and storage of special chemical products for the automotive industry.

PFINDER KG maintains an active and cooperative relationship with the competent authorities, maintains extensive safety precautions in the production and storage areas, ensures the continuous modernisation of technology and meets the stringent requirements of quality standards, as well as the standards for work safety and environmental protection. The company has been certified according to ISO 9001, IATF 16949, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 for years.

This part of our website provides you with an overview and important information about our company, the hazardous substances and solvents used in our production facilities and about how to behave in the event of major operational incidents, such as fires or explosions, which may immediately or subsequently pose a danger to people and the environment or cause damage to property.

We use large quantities of hazardous substances in our operations. PFINDER KG is therefore subject to the provisions of the German Hazardous Incident Ordinance. All the details regarding notifiable plant components have been submitted to the Stuttgart Regional Council in accordance with Article 7 of the 12th. Ordinance implementing the Federal Immissions Control Act [BImSchV] (Hazardous Incident Ordinance) or approved by the competent authorities. In addition, a version of the safety report, updated in accordance with the legal requirements, is regularly submitted to the authorities, showing the reliability of our technical facilities and the effectiveness of our safety organisation.

In accordance with the extended obligations under the 12th BImSchV, this also includes informing residents in the immediate vicinity of the company premises.

At PFINDER KG, chemical-technical special products for the automotive industry and its suppliers are manufactured in Böblingen, Rudolf-Diesel-Straße 14. This is done in suitable facilities approved by the authorities. Various hazardous substances and solvents such as petrol, additives, resins and preservatives are used. The products are manufactured using processes such as heating, mixing, pumping, cooling and dispersing by our employees, who are regularly trained in safety aspects and hazard prevention, and filled into their delivery containers. Raw materials and finished products are delivered and transported away by truck and tanker. By actively and cooperatively dealing with the supervisory authorities and by investing heavily in buildings, technology and equipment for early warning and fighting fires and environmental damage, we are constantly adapting the traditionally very high safety standards in our production and storage facilities to technological developments. Old plants have been shut down and dismantled. This means that in the recent past, yet more space has been created and investments have been made in modernised production technology in new production rooms to extend the existing fire compartments in order to reduce risks.



Despite the use of modern technology and all safety precautions, we must still be prepared for an incident. Therefore, in this neighbourhood information we also make recommendations for behaviour with which you can help to protect yourself. Please read this information carefully so that you and your family can always act according to the situation.

In this section you will find a brief classification of the main hazardous substances used at PFINDER KG that could be released in the event of an incident:


If, in spite of all safety measures, an incident occurs with effects outside our premises, the neighbourhood may be affected by harmful vapours and gases such as smoke.

The main hazard is the unintentional release of hazardous substances in large quantities outside the designated operating facilities. In spite of the installed catch basins and the retention of fire-fighting water, in unfavourable cases soil or water pollution can occur, or in the case of highly flammable substances a fire or explosion can occur. Public areas may also be affected by fire and the resulting fire gases and soot clouds. An explosion of solvent vapours may also be perceived outside the company premises.

  • INTERNAL MEASURES in the event of an INCIDENT
    In the factory, safeguards (fire detectors and automatic extinguishing systems) are installed throughout the plant, which are directly connected to the fire brigade control room. Our hazard prevention plan regulates in detail which measures must be taken by PFINDER KG employees in the event of disruptions together with the emergency and rescue services in order to keep the effects of a disruption as low as possible. This emergency plan is also available to the authorities responsible for emergency response and civil protection. They are responsible for the protection of the population.
  • WARNING and INFORMATION in the event of reportable INCIDENTS
    In the event of an incident, the Böblingen fire brigade control centre is always informed by the factory. The fire brigade personnel are familiar with the conditions on the company premises through constant contact and regularly recurring smaller and larger exercises (most recently in autumn 2017). From the fire brigade control centre, the necessary emergency services from the fire brigade, rescue services and police are alerted. The public is informed, if necessary, by the competent authorities, e.g. by loudspeaker announcements or via radio. For details see below
    Fire brigade dispatch centre:  112
    Police emergency number:                              110

… please only call these emergency telephone numbers in urgent cases so that the telephone lines are not blocked unnecessarily.



If an incident occurs, we immediately inform the competent authorities about the extent of the incident and the measures from the “emergency response plan” that have already been initiated.

The PUBLIC is WARNED through:

Loudspeaker announcements
Pay attention to announcements made by the fire brigade or police. You will be informed about special rules of conduct, further measures and all-clear. Please follow all instructions of the emergency and rescue services in case of emergency and observe their safety instructions!

Messages on the radio
Switch on your radio: Reports on incidents, behaviour and all-clears are announced on the regional stations:

Radio BB, UKW 104,3
Antenne 1, UKW 104,3
SWR1, UKW 94,7
SWR3, UKW 92,2
For the current frequencies for the Kabel BW stations, please visit

Stay away from the incident. Don’t smoke.
Keep the road clear for the emergency services.

Inform your neighbours. Help children, elderly or disabled people if necessary.

Close windows and doors.
Switch off ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Only use the phone in urgent cases. Do not block the lines to the police, fire brigade and PFINDER KG by making unnecessary inquiries.

Wait for the incident all-clear. Pay attention to loudspeaker announcements and radio messages.



If you have any questions about PFINDER KG’s emergency management, please contact

Dr Peter Moritz, CEO,
Mr William Mombarg, Operations Manager and
Dr Hans-Konrad Peters, Head of Management Systems

on the telephone number 07031 27010 (switchboard) for further information.