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How does PFINDER increase your profitability?

Our powerful and innovative test media offer you a cost advantage in the process chain – not only in procurement. This minimizes the process effort and costs.

Different product properties influence the testing process and its costs. It is important to PFINDER to ensure a cost-optimized solution with the right products.

The advice of our experts with an analysis of the current state usually provides aspects with considerable cost benefits.

NDT process advice

Always keeping the complete process in mind, PFINDER develops improvements in terms of profitability, environmental protection and occupational safety. Only this is true sustainability. This is GREEN NDT.

NDT process optimization

Are you interested in an analysis for NDT process optimisation? We would be pleased to look for potentials for cost savings and increased efficiency in your testing processes.

This may include the following areas:

  • Reduction of test media consumption
  • Disposal options for process waste water
  • Savings in fresh water consumption
  • Using wet developers without an oven
  • Penetration testing without developer
  • Optimal corrosion protection for magnetic particle testing media
  • Elimination or reduction of the use of aerosol cans
  • Aerosol cans for 360° application

Our experts have a certified process training for level 2 penetrant and magnetic particle testing and have years of industrial process-oriented expertise.