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Environmental protection

How helps PFINDER to reduce your environmental impact?

As a pioneer of biodegradable penetrants, PFINDER achieved standards more than 20 years ago through new and further development of products that are still unrivalled today.

What are environmentally friendly test media?

Test media that has to be disposed of as hazardous waste after use is neither environmentally friendly nor cost-saving. Thanks to PFINDER’s expertise in the formulation of testing media for non-destructive material testing, products can be offered that can be described as particularly environmentally friendly. Be it because they are biodegradable or due to the fact that they lead to  particularly low emissions of climate-damaging greenhouse gases compared to conventional products.

Biodegradable products

Test processes with waste water treatment

Higher costs, worse environmental balance, unstable processes. The usual methods that are used for waste water treatment are:

  • Activated carbon filtration: High energy demand in production and hazardous waste recycling
  • Ultrafiltration: High energy requirement for treatment (> 20kWh per m3 of waste water)
  • Vaporizer: Very high energy requirement for treatment (> 60kWh per m3 of waste water)
  • Coagulation: High costs due to special coagulation additives

Discharging the washing water containing penetrant into the sewage system (indirect discharge), on the other hand, means:

  • Minimum process costs
  • Stable process conditions
  • Best possible environmental balance
  • Only moderately increased water consumption due to recycling of the washing water

The result is convincing

In a direct comparison based on CO2 equivalents, indirect discharge is more environmentally friendly by a factor of 20 to 60, depending on the waste water treatment method.

We would be pleased to advise you in detail and provide you with detailed comparative calculations for your process.

Reduction of CO2 emissions

In cooperation with “atmosfair”, a non-profit limited liability company based in Bonn, Germany, PFINDER works on reducing the climate-damaging effects of NDT products. We call our initiative GREEN NDT.

Compensation does not change the actual CO2 sources. However, as a second-best solution, it is necessary as long as avoidance is not yet possible.

  • For PFINDER, an essential approach to the active reduction of CO2 emissions is the active advising of test media users on alternative application techniques (instead of aerosol cans) and on making use of the biodegradability of various PFINDER test media and dispensing with energy-intensive preparation technologies.

Due to an aerosol can’s packaging, its CO2 emissions are 3.5 times higher than those of containers (canisters/barrels). Special application technologies sometimes make it possible to dispense with aerosol cans without any loss of handling or quality. The financial amortization of such investments is also achieved in the first year, depending on the application.