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What does GREEN NDT actually mean?

Many individual measures result in a convincing sustainability concept. Since 2015, we have been consistently making this visible with our own logo: With GREEN NDT.

The users of test media for penetrant and magnetic particle testing are increasingly focusing on the use of non-labelled and environmentally friendly products.

Non-Destructive Testing – in a sustainable manner

The REACH regulation has now fully entered into force. In this way, the new CLP labeling regulation is also implemented and sensitizes users to the use of chemicals with reduced hazard potential and low environmental impact.
The constant advancement of PFINDER’s consumables for magnetic particle and penetrant testing aims to meet these requirements fully. The product’s proven performance is without compromise.

As the pioneer of readily biodegradable penetrants, PFINDER’s consumables for penetrant testing have been convincing for over 25 years with their particular user-friendliness, their high environmental compatibility and their outstanding efficiency.

PFINDER was the first manufacturer of consumables for magnetic particle and penetrant testing to generate a carbon footprint of their most common NDT consumables in order to minimize their environmental impact. This enables users not only to make decisions based on technical and economic criteria, but also to reduce possible environmental impacts.