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DPIdea: PFINDER’s partner in Poland
DPIdea: PFINDER’s partner in Poland

DPIdea: PFINDER’s partner in Poland

DPIdea has been PFINDER’s sales partner for the Polish market since almost 10 years now. Reason enough to introduce DPIdea a little bit more detailed:

DPIdea has over 15 years of experience in the industrial and non-destructive testing market, and is an authorized and exclusive representative in Poland of companies producing laboratory equipment for research in the field of materials engineering, metallography and security.

All offered devices and materials meet the highest global standards. DPIdea offers: means for magnetic particle and penetrant testing, magnetic and ultrasonic flaw detectors, portable spectrometers, CR/DR scanners, radiographic booths and video endoscopes.

The experience, commitment and care for each client allows to establish long-term and fruitful cooperation. DPIdea is constantly developing, just recently DPIdea established DPIdea Calibration Laboratory, which provides calibration services for measuring instruments in the field of non-destructive testing.

Tomasz Ferek, one of the owners of DPIdea says:

“We have been cooperating with PFINDER for almost 10 years, working as an exclusive partner in Poland. This cooperation helps us to reach new markets and provide high quality products to inspectors and technical staff in Poland. We are proud to represent such a recognized brand as PFINDER and to be able to develop the NDT market. I hope for a long and fruitful cooperation.”

PFINDER is also very proud to have DPIdea as partner for our customers in Poland, and we are looking forward to continuing our successful cooperation.