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Application Engineering

Application technology: Your benefits

Our application development team offers support in all questions concerning the application and the waxing process. On request, we can carry out quality audits with you and advise you on the optimisation of the waxing process on location in your production division. In order to achieve optimal results for you, our experts will support you during production start-up.

Our in-house technology and technical equipment is available for use and application trials.

Production process for application technology

Step 1: Application and optimisation

Our application development team offers support in all questions concerning cavity preservation and underbody protection, as well as the application process and application technology, serving as an interface between the customer and PFINDER material experts. Only a combination of the right materials, a functioning coating process and optimal coating in the cavity ensures corrosion protection. For each of the points listed, we bring our years of experience and expertise to bear and ensure that value is retained.

For new vehicle start-ups, our engineering experts can develop recommendations for an optimal wax process or wax coating. We are also happy to advise you on the analysis and optimisation of existing wax processes. Any suggestions are discussed and validated in close cooperation with you. The results can be checked and secured by us using the appropriate technical equipment.

Step 2: Advice and support

Our application development team provides expert advice to help you select the right materials for your applications. We would be happy to visit your premises to record and evaluate the entire application process. Our analysis takes your specifications, application and process parameters as well as our material properties into account.

With our expertise in application systems and our expert knowledge, the application development team would be happy to advise you on starting series production. We pay close attention to the process parameters that need to be observed and prevent possible problems directly on the production line.

Step 3: Quality and assurance

We would be happy to support you in the auditing of quality assurance for vehicles that have already been waxed with our expertise and technical equipment. If faulty coatings occur, we are at your side from the root cause analysis to the definition and implementation of suitable remedial measures. In addition, master image documentation can be produced on request from the customer, in which all areas of the vehicle to be coated are recorded and documented. This master image can then serve as a guide for internal audits.

If material-specific problems occur on the production line, the application development team can be called in quickly and flexibly to assist in resolving the problem. A solution is sought as quickly as possible together with the responsible process owners. At the same time, our team on site serves as an interface between the customer and PFINDER material experts.

Step 4: Equipment and training

In our technical centre in Böblingen near Stuttgart, we carry out application and coating tests as well as joint preliminary tests on your components or prototypes – for example, for the selection of wax materials. We also offer to carry out application tests with our equipment directly on site at your premises.

In this context we address, not just application-related questions, but also material-related questions, as the application technology is strongly dependent on material properties.

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