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Our philosophy promises sustainability

  • Almost 80 percent of PFINDER products are now solvent-free.
  • Over 400 tons per year of unavoidable CO2 emissions from its aerosol cans are offset by the company through the non-profit climate protection organization “Atmosfair”.
  • Innovative methods reduce, for example, so-called “overspraying”. This reduces the amount of material used by the customer for corrosion protection and surface testing.
  • PFINDER is increasingly researching “2nd life raw materials”, such as used fats and oils.

PFINDER formes the future

Today more than ever, we at PFINDER are convinced that this orientation helps us meet the challenges of the future.
These are immense, because: Globalization doesn’t just mean being able to open up new markets. Globalization also means experiencing new competition. We are adapting to this by creating customer proximity through global production sites, investing in state-of-the-art production processes and developing new products and services – even beyond our established product lines.

Professional and highly motivated employees are a prerequisite for this success.

Maintaining value preservation is our passion: Sustainability at PFINDER

PFINDER’s sustainability report provides detailed information about our products and services, production facilities at our main location in Böblingen and our employees. It also presents the company’s commitment to society and environmental protection.

These go far beyond the legal requirements. Ultimately, the report provides information about new projects with which PFINDER intends to position itself more securely for the future.