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Expand your product portfolio with PFINDER

As a dealer you have the opportunity to provide your customers with established and innovative rust protection and preservation products from the automotive industry. We offer you a wide range of products, in highest OEM quality.

With its global presence, PFINDER offers you economically functional solutions. In the context of sustainability for people and the environment, PFINDER mainly focuses on solvent-free systems.

  • Rust protection in aerosol spray cans, in containers for cup guns or in large containers such as the 60 liter drum or the 200 liter drum
  • Transparent protective waxes for different types of surfaces.
  • Cavity protection waxes, partially solvent-free
  • Underbody protection/stone-chip protection products in transparent or black pigmentation

We would be happy to work with you to develop attractive product and application solutions for your customers.