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Agricultural and construction machinery

Rustproof in wind and weather with PFINDER

In the working environments of agricultural and construction machinery, de-icing salts, alkalis, fertilisers and salty coastal environments are known enemies. They can permanently damage the surfaces of your machines and penetrate even the smallest cracks and cavities. Visible corrosion may occur.

Our products help you to keep your machines in operation and retain their value for a long time. Whether for production, deployment or maintenance: With PFINDER products you are excellently equipped.

Typical applications

  • Winter protection
  • Storage and transport protection
  • Engine compartment protection
  • Cavity preservation
  • Rust protection
  • Underbody and stone-chip protection

Typical uses

  • Machines and equipment for agriculture and forestry
  • Municipal vehicles, harvesting vehicles, snow plowers, airport tractors
  • Machines for road and track construction
  • Conveyor systems, crushing and screening plants
  • Pipes