Testing media for all purposes
PFINDER products are adapted to the requirements of the automotive and component supplier industry and are in use worldwide. PFINDER belongs to the small number of companies in Germany that develop, produce and distribute testing fluids themselves. Thus a maximum of customer proximity as well as absolute flexibility can be guaranteed. Individual solutions are possible at any time.

PFINDER offers different penetrant testing systems of all sensitivity classes for all application fields.

We offer different test media systems in suitable packages for all application fields: Serial testing, spot testing or testing “on the way”. For testing under UV-light or by daylight.


Fluorescent penetrants

  • All sensitivety classes
  • Hydrocarbon free, readily biodegradable

Colour contrast penetrants

  • Dye azo-free
  • Hydrocarbon free, readily biodegradable

Developer systems

  • Dry developer on powder base
  • Water suspendable or solvent based

Products type tested according EN ISO 3452-2

Advantages of PFINDER APENOL®

  • performing indications with high contrasts and low background fluorescence
  • removable with every tap water (hardness does not matter)
  • Serial applications at Audi, BMW, DaimlerChrysler, Volkswagen + (supplier) industries
  • Minimized process efforts - no waste water treatment required anymore: As a result of the base of the products the waste water, incurring at the penetrant removing step, can be directly drained into sewage without any pre-treatment. For detailed information please see{Cost reduction}[intern].