Water born systems

For the use on metal substrates


  • Protective layers based on epoxy technologies, suitable for steal , aluminium and zinc substrates
  • reactive 2 c or 2 c blocked coatings, VOC content < 5 %

Thin layer or thick layer coatings applicable to aluminium and zinc substrates

  • No requirements to pretreatment (formation of conversion layers).
  • very good adhesion

Corrosion protective coating for engine components axle parts and attachment parts

  • high resistance against operating materials
  • very high stone impact resistance


  • air-drying up to forced drying at low temperatures
  • high mechanical and chemical resistance
  • black coloured or transparent coatings.
  • all purpose
  • application before or after the assembly
  • no emissions of organic solvents (VOC)
  • chemical cross linking (above 45 °C)
  • excellent corrosion protection
  • no need to pretreatment and formation of conversion layers