Research and Development

The close relationship to the customer and the realization of customer needs in the development of high-quality products distinguishes us today as a competent and reliable partner for problem solutions in the industrial sector, and it will continue to do so in the future.

Pfinder’s research, development and quality progress on the global market are principally the result of the constant search for product and quality improvements, supported by a constant, intensive exchange of experiences with the automobile industry.

This was how, in an additional innovative leap in the mid-90’s, a preservative system completely free of solvents was able to be introduced as an ecologically-compatible alternative to the classic, solvent-content hollow space wax. The “highlights” of this product line are the aqueous hollow space preservative and a 100% solid body material for the classic spray application.

The results are the market leadership in the hollow space preservative segment and products with a licence of the automotive industry.